Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cammy White the most super street fighter of them all.

It's your favorite leggy blonde street fighter - Cammy White (Cammy Toe, as I like to call her).

I took an old pose that I had used on a Street Fighter postcard from some time ago.  You'll remember it, the one that was opposite the ibuki card.  Well I took it, re-proportioned her and cleaned it up (if you can call this clean). It's cool to look at old pieces vs. new ones of the same subject.  It kinda shows how you grew, if you did, and if you didn't grow, it will just show you how you suck now.  Or the things in a drawing that you find interesting.  Well, it's a little sharp and doesn't quite have the life in it that the old one does, but there are some cool sentiments there. 

F)ck, that's allot of talking!  If you made it this far, you deserve some pixels to look at.  So here - have some g_d damned pixels, starting with the old sketch for comparison.

Cammy Toe and Ibuki.  You should see what I make them do to each other in the sketchbooks I don't share. ;p
J/K but seriously.

The redraw.

Still working on some "major" paintings.  I hope to be able to share them with the universe shortly.  So I'll cross my fingers and pray I don't get run over by a bus any time soon.
be seeing you,


dante philippe said...

you changing your style up bro?

LindaPanda said...

ahhhh i love your SF drawerings!!! Are you in the SF vs Tekken show? I just finished my piece. You should follow my blog to see more "toots"~

Unknown said...

Hey Dante- hell no! never that! Just evolving it. You know? If you go back through all the old posts on this blog you can see the evolution, from simple and sh_tty art to some more complex and almost decent art. ;)

Not for a show. I'm so curious about that Tekken show. Should be very cool! I'm glad you got into such an interesting show.


Kwestone said...

WOW! I'm at a loss for words... except... MORE! You gonna have prints of these at the next con... which ever con you'll be at? I'll drop!

Jonathan B said...

damn it's my favorite street fighter, can't wait to see whatever the final product is with all of them down the line

dickard said...

UPDATE!!! I've been checking your site and refreshing the page everyday now for the last week and a half...I'm getting wAnder withdrawal. Please post an update to get me out of this "refresh" insanity.

Thanks, buddy.