Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire Cat girl

Strange how few femlie chesire cat sketches there are in google.  I looked, didn't see many.  So I'm bringing sexy back with this one. 
Alice finds herself at the gates to the queen's castle, having been lead there by tweedle stupid and tweedle stupidest.

Looky looky, another Alice in Wonderland thumbnail.  This time I'm getting past kinks and going into the thumbnail stage instead of random character sketches.  I may give it one more shot before I go to colors, buuuut I really like this thumbnail.

I'm ripping the Disney designs but doing it a little different.  Also, this Alice is just the body shapes, I'm not sure what I'll do with her outfit exactly, although it will likely resemble the Disney Alice as well.

I'm aiming for 12x16 with this print, although I may give it crazy resolution so I can print a massive version.

Like it? Hate it? Lemme know.



Sean Lunderman said...

I like it. You really don't get enough sexy Cheshire on the internet.

If you end up finishing this piece proper I would totally buy one. My brother is all kinds of into Alice in Wonderland.

Damcanadian said...

would prefer a larger print for my wall, smaller ones look off next to my army of other framed prints.
liking it so far, though I am sad that you have the classic Tweedledee and dumb rather then your earlier versions.

Damcanadian said...

ps, was talking to the fiance and she was telling me how much she liked your other piece having bloomers rather then normal panties, so keep that up please? lol

Unknown said...

Oh ya - the model in the drawing will likely match the alice i sketched. Bloomers indeed.

Thanks Sean - i will try my "durndest" to finish it.


Rupe said...

I'm pretty stoked to see you're working on Alice in Wonderland!

It was something I'd suggested for one of your AD4AD a long time ago :)

Unknown said...

Well it's about time, right? Alice in wonderland is a rad subject and deserves some pixels.

kleer001 said...

Yes, moar please.
I see where this is going and approve.
Yeah, not much furrly like of cheshire else I can find.

Unknown said...

Working my butt off tonight. I wanted to take out a large chunk of the painting this weekend but life got in the way. I'll make sure to do another Cheshire sketch and post her up tomorrow.

I need to loosen up my hand before I continue painting in this thing.


Damcanadian said...

I know of a piece you can work on to loosen up your hand...

Unknown said...

Hah - that sounds so dirty, but don't worry - I get you.

Damcanadian said...

lol that does should pretty dirty, my bad.