Monday, December 26, 2011

Stormtrooper inspired kicks

I made myself another pair of Nike custom kicks. These ones are all about starwars and stormtroopers, but not in a lame literal way mind you! These "pass" really f_cking well.

So the theme I went with was "beheaded stormtroopers". Get it? It's got the black and white helmet as the shoe, but the sole is red like the neck separation. Totally gory in a playful way. I went with crimson laces to spice things up a little.

Too much black and white is boring, so the soles have some grey and the laces have the crimson to pop out a little.

Oh yah, the tongues say "Do Not Miss". If you've ever watched a stormtrooper (i mean star wars) movie, then you know why that's good advice for a stormy. Those bastards never hit their target. EVER. Train much? Hah. Ironic considering that this one lost his head.


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