Thursday, November 03, 2011

One down, son.

Killed a painting.
I have a shitload to paint this week. Well, really, this season. Winter is going to be a rough one to clear up.

Winter advice? Don't eat the yellow snow. Keep your head down. Finish your god damn projects.

I haven't done postcards in a long ass while. I really want to do that, but it's dessert. I have to eat my vegetables and pay my bills first.

Forgot to mention, this character is based off the mascot for Anime Conji an anime convention in San Diego. Think her name is Saga. Her design is tweaked because I don't like to just copy and paste, and she's very generic. Respect to the creator.



Trixi said...

That's lovely. Now get your ass back to work and keep eating your vegetables ;)

Andrew said...

That comment made me laugh pretty hard. I suppose that puts you in the running to design the next art director for a day card, provided I survive to produce that.


Brian Thompson said...

I love this a lot. Keep up the good work, man!

Cameron Stotz said...

I think you mean "dessert", but hey - maybe get away to the desert for a weekend - it's nice there this time of year...

Andrew said...

Cameron. Yes and fixed.

Also, I appoint you as spell czar as your reward for such a notice.


Keichi Okami said...

This is epic! I love this rendition of Saga.
-Hector Reyes
Anime Conji 2012 Con Chair

Andrew said...

Thanks Keichi! I did it for my buddy who will be attending. Wish I could show up myself, but I'm so far from away presently.