Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sanded Samus

I spent today sanding all the joints. When I received the pieces, about 80% fit perfectly, 10% fit if I forced it, and 10% was terribly off.

Next I wet sand everything and primer it. I'm not sure how long that takes but I'm thinking the rest of this weekend is going to be spent with water and super fine sand paper.

Here's a photo of the final size vs. the prototype:
Once I get a wooden base done - everything will stand about 9" tall.


William Vega said...

This is going to be amazing once ur done...clearly a lot of work has been done on it since conception...and there's a lot I imagine left to be done

Samolo said...

Man,you make me wanna go and try 3D as much as you make me be afraid of it... soooo cool, bue soooo much work, even worst for printing, but the result is so nice, can't wait to see the final piece painted.

I hope you do a figura of one of your chars so you can sell it (and of course, I can buy it)

Maikanto said...

I am jealous of your craft.

Unknown said...


A. Thank you for the kind words.

B. Digital printing to sculptures is not easy but it's doable. I want to warn people that it's allot of work but it's really rewarding. Still haven't finished this one and it coul come out looking like shite, but so far I've had more fun doing it than some of my paintings.

Start with something small (I bit off too much with this one) and a few pieces. Then work your way up methinks.