Friday, September 16, 2011

Metroid Color Wheel Print available

You may remember this image a little while back, well I'm going to do prints of it to help finance building the mother brain sculpt.

It's key moments from the original Metroid on NES, wrapped around a color wheel with a Metroid in the middle.

Prints are 12x16 (a standard frame size) on watercolor paper. They're signed and numbered and will be hand embellished. That's a fancy way of saying that they'll all have hand drawn art on them. I'm cutting the edition at 20, so that's all there will ever be. $30 gets you a print shipped.

If you're interested click the link:

Make Samus proud and buy a print.



Raph said...

@#$&'in SOLD!

Samolo said...

And this awesomeness includes shipping to the forsaken land of Mexico? This is one of my fav pieces from your work and its actually a very cool way of having a color wheel in from of the drawing desk/computer all the time.

Unknown said...

LOL @ forsaken land of mexico. Lemme see how much shipping their will cost and I'll get back to you. I need to pick up sheets of board to protect it and see how much that will be to ship.


Ian Good said...

I might have to get one of these!

On a circular art related note, I recently bought something from manticore stencil art
How cool would it be if you did something similar in the future? (It would be very cool)

Sophie said...

Will you ship to Australia?

Unknown said...

Yes - sophie, I will. I need to wait for packaging materials to arrive (tomorrow I think) so I can use those to generate estimations for Mexico and I'll do Australia is well. No idea what the shipping will be but I won't gouge anyone.

Ph0malhaut said...

Are these still available?

Unknown said...

Yes indeed sir.