Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm going to make a 'real' samus.

...for an upcoming art show.

I'm in the modeling phase currently. Obviously there's lots to go, but she's going to be based on my bobble head post-it pet girls.

I'm modeling her in the T pose in Maya, then I'll be hierarchically setting the file up and posing before I have to break it down for the rest of the process.

I've got about a day of work so far and I"m calling it curtains for the weekend.



Dæth by Design said...

looks awesome so far! I can't wait to see it when it's done! Are you getting her cast in Vinyl? What does "real" mean? god i haven't worked in Maya in ages. Nurbs or extruded polys?

Unknown said...

Polys. I like chunky art and they're so much easier to work with that nurbs. But it'll go to a proxy subdivied mesh later.

Not vynil - i'll be making a one-off 3D print, then sanding it and painting it. (MAYBE) It's ALLOT of work, so who knows if I'll make it through the slog, and the show is only a month away. I would prefer two months so I can f_ck up the paint a couple times and still make deadline.


Dæth by Design said...

Yep I did that on my phone model a few years back, ( way easier to deal with poly primitives than benzine curves. it's loookin' totally sexah. Tho I kinda miss her bubble boobs in the updated work. ^_~ Power to you for biting the bullet on it. I want to play with a 3D printer soooo bad I'll mail you my envy.