Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crazy 4 Cult 5 show: Goonies, Predator, Never Ending Story, Big Trouble in Little China

This is the Crazy 4 Cult 5 piece that I did this year. As stated before, it's 18"x24". I'm calling it "1984-1987". Depending on who you ask, those were good years for movies.

These are going on sale tomorrow at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. I currently don't have a "to purchase link" so you'll have to email the gallery if you want one, but as soon as they provide me with a link, I'll put one up.

The edition size is 88 (as in gallery 1988) and they are actually going to be on sale for $70 as opposed to $88.

The prints are giclee and done by a REALLY quality shop on nice paper so they're worth every penny. I can also guarantee you that if you like my art, you'll love this print. It's one of the best pieces I've cranked this year and it took me weeks to do.

Share the love of this piece if you like it and pass it around to your friend(s). I don't want it to get lost in a corner of the internet because, well, I poured so much life into this piece...

And for those of you who are "age challenged" the movies are:
Big Trouble in Little China
Never Ending Story



jerome said...

This print is like an omelette of awesomeness!!! This is gonna look great next to my last year's Tron print!

adam H. said...

OMG! This is like the most epic piece of yours ever. I'm am blown away by how smoothly you mixed all the movies together. Want a print soo bad (quivering).

Geo said...

It's the magnum o'puss! the Coop de grass! Your finest hour(s).
Awesome work kid. This old guy is proud.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys Epic Omlette is exactly what I sought to make.

Old man? Hah you crack me up Viking Geo.


Damcanadian said...

just ordered a print from gallery1988s website, cant wait from to arrive. though the rooms getting really crowded with all your other framed artwork, lol, Ill find a spot.