Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you to followers of the blog

Ok, sooo I sent out some postcards today. A few readers requested them early cause they saw em coming. The stamps are super boring though. :( My real stamps are packed.

Here are the ones that went out this morning:
At any rate, it's not free for me to make nor send the cards, so I can't give them to everybody in the universe (or I would), so that's why I have to leave a limited window open, so that the quantity of stuff I send out is manageable. I need time to make new art you know.

That all goes to say... gentlemen and ladies start your engines.

If you want a set of cards, you'll have to email me your name and address (even if I already have it) by 5:30 PST today! Use the title "nose-art postcards please" Then magically, I'll drop them in the mail with a sketch on it sometime soon. ¿Ok? Address is genie at the website fourthwish and the last part is dot com. (robot protection)

I won't be taking requests late (or early in the future) BUT - I will be doing many many more drops. Plus I sell complete sets (many people bought them) when I go to conventions! So don't be bummed out. I have to ration myself to save money.

It's all a special thanks to people that follow my work, in order to make the internet a more warm and interactive place. I guess this is the 5th time I've done this in the last year and I'd like to crank out a summer card soon as well.

I'm going to facebook blast this in a moment, so let's pray I don't regret this and have more cards to send out than I have time in the day. (crosses fingers)



Trixi said...

Sometimes having a real life sucks haha

Unknown said...

Tell me about it! Having a real life means that I can't paint every single minute of every single hour!

If you're talking about missing the window, I'll do the next one at a really odd European friendly time, and we'll see what happens.


Geo said...

Thanks for giving me something to follow!These noseart cards are fucking great!

Unknown said...

Hah - if I ever advertise, i'm using that: Geo says that my art is 'fucking great!'. ;)

Damcanadian said...

Got my cards today, they look fantastic, cant wait for the next batch, and cant wait to be able to buy a completed set at the end, fiancé figures she can guess what sets hers and is freaking out with excitement, she loves your work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the postcards! I love them :D

(Damcanadian's Fiancée)