Wednesday, June 08, 2011

No more pinups. EVER.

kidding... kidding

Metroid + fake Nose art + Roller Derby? = What?




Trixi said...

I sure hope you're kidding.

kleer001 said...

But the gun looks a lil' little.

Andrew said...

trixi - 100%

kleer - I'll give you a SLIVER more on the gun, but I'm keeping it cute, so meet me half way!


Samolo said...

Niiiice!! Damn it! you scare me there! I was like "then what about the book!? I want the book! I want my postacard and pin-ups book!"

Man, I love your take on Metroid, like the chromatic circle one you did before, I think you got me as a fan with that one.

Andrew said...

Samolo - I'm drawing these pinup girls looking for a perfect one to be the cover girl for the book. It's completed except for the cover! So far, no dice. They aren't good enough, so I'm going to have to continue until they're finished. However, I keep getting more content to fill it with, so that's cool.

Someone Who Hates Ryon! said...

I think Samus just Screw Attacked my heart.

molli brown said...

love it!