Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Calgary Comic Con

It's that time of year again... I will be at the Calgary Expo this weekend, hanging out with my own personal good friend - Wade Schin and drawing on things.

You know the drill - stop by and say hello if you can. It's super cool to meet people in person compared to the internet variety.

Also - a box of postcards arrived. I will be bringing those up to the show. A few of you already emailed me, and I will plop them in the mail, but I'll be putting up an offering to receive a copy of the cards as soon as I'm back from the show and probably not yet rested, exciting right? I may even have time to personalize them this session, which I prefer to do but it's always a matter of the economy of time.




Samolo said...

wait? E-mail? when did it...? I'm confused! did you have another give away of postcards? or you have your store online and I didn't notice?...

Well, on the other hand, awesome piece! is it watercolor? or inks and acrilic? I believe you did some Red Sonja pieces with a similar technic, I absolutely loved those ones!

Unknown said...

A couple people jumped the gun and emailed me requests for the pinup postcards (which have now arrived) - daisy + mida.

I'm going to make a post and request emails shortly, so you didn't miss you.

Also - that is indeed inkwash and some acrylics. It's a calgary piece I did a little while back, but since I'm headed there again, it warrented a repost.

that is all.


dante philippe said...

haha awesome you got post cards? i would ask u send me some but then im worried my parents would be all like "what were are you getting mail she naked!" i love your work though maybe i should send it to my friends house

Unknown said...

Hahahaha - yes, dante, I wholeheartedly endorse that. I mean, they aint THAT bad. I suppose it would be a different story if it was a painting of Luigi planting a Mushroom in Peach's garden... But I've not printed 'em THAT bad, yet.