Friday, May 20, 2011

Word on the streets...

... is that you've been up to no good, Peach.

Andrew Wilson + Eric Marechal. This is my art wheat pasted up on a wall in Paris, where supposedly, stuff is always going up.

Eric Marechal is an photographer / wheat paste artist that travels around and pastes up art that his friends and artists have give him. I gave him a stack of random silhouette pieces that he plops up around here and there. I think it's cool that such an urban commando exists.

I've been meaning to send him some new stuff. Maybe I'll come up with something in the next few months.

And that rumor regarding peach being a wh_re? I'll let you decide for yourself.


1 comment:

thedave said... i love shots like these...ive been through the ones on your is such a great idea....i need to be doing stuff like this myself! For sure you need to keep it up!!