Wednesday, May 18, 2011

¿Is it Good Enough?

My mission today includes doing a backside for that pin up and working on this Goonies piece.

Goonies rough sketch is a go.

be seeing you,


dante philippe said...

awesome! keep going =]
is there anything wrong?..maybe move the guy in the front a little to the right hes making a tangent with the girls hand thats bout it =]

Unknown said...

Will do! Thank G-D for photoshop (and also helpful comments).


Annoyed Coworker said...

First off, kudos for the Lauper reference.

Second off, huge props for the oft rumored but rarely viewed octopus!

Unknown said...

Hah! Thank you. It feels good to be understood. ;)

Hells ya on both points. I'm working on the paints, but since there are so many characters, this one will likely take more than a day to put away.


kleer001 said...

Whoo! I always love when you get deeper into perspective.
I wonder, what is it that they're all sitting on?
Haven't seen the movie in forever. Will see it again soon.
& can't help but link to my fav game, goonies2 on the NEZ

Unknown said...

Kleer - hells ya. I don't even have to watch that youtube to remember the game. I will post some music for goonies as I post some of the finals. And to save you trouble, they're sitting on a skeleton key thing. One-Eye willie's key.