Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey, go play Tealy & Orangey

Hey you guy,
-=click here to play it=-

One of my old coworkers, Tony Gowland, created a game for YOU to play. It will help you do things like:
- look in separate directions at once.
- punch your cat
- have fun
- feel a sense of digital accomplishment (tm)

It is quick, devilishy fun, and has an ampersand in the title.

Since I never post without a picture, I made pictures for the game. Much like my favorite arcade game art, it relates to the game but isn't really from it (think space invader cabinet art, galaga, pacman, etc.)

I liked it and am on level 14, which is awesome, but I stopped to draw.

Also, please share the link with your friends so it can get some circulation on the internet.



Mr Benja said...

Great game. I beat advanced and felt more gratification than I did when I beat Portal 2

Birdie Tam said...

Insanely addicting.

Phineas said...

I got to level 16 before admitting defeat. That game gets tough. It's amazing how such a simple concept can be so engaging. Or maybe that's why it's engaging.

Unknown said...

Glad you guys (and girl) liked it! Also - holy sh_t Ben, you beat advanced? I'm amazed. I stopped at 20 because it split my brain in twain.


dante philippe said...

arg! this game makes my brains hurting =[