Friday, May 27, 2011

Checkout my backside

I was gonna do a podcast today with some buddies, but it fell through, so I stayed home and doodled.

Checkout my backside.

Whatdayaknow, I went with the hood after all. You know, just like the nintendo maiden Zelda design.... exactly the same.... right? Ya... right.



Damcanadian said...

when are these going to be available? I must have a set... or two, two for sure.

Unknown said...

2 things. Thing 1. I'll make sure to put up a post. Usually I wait till the cards are in my hands! So that's about 2 weeks to get them from the printer.

Thing 2. I bought a DOPE printer. I'm going to try to do prints and finally put up a shop. I'm using shopify unless others have a better idear.

Thing 2.5 That book I've been working on - the postcard book, I just need to find a place that will do publishing on demand. My buddy who helped with the last one decided he's not interested in helping me again.


Damcanadian said...

great to hear about the cards, super lame about the publishing, got my girlfriend into your art, loves the silkscreen prints I have framed and your other art too, really wants a postcard set too, but I'm still really interested in the commission I asked you about at eccc if you might have the time for it these days or anytime soon.

Unknown said...

Coolie. Glad your GF likes the stuff! She has good taste. ;-)

Re: books - Aint no thang. We can fix that.

Unknown said...

Oh yah - and holler at my email about the comish. I do have free time lately, as you can see with pumping out all this art.

Samolo said...

Sweet! Oh my goodness... Everytime I think I saw a piece that blows the mind you come with a cooler one.

I'm in for the postcard book, hope you found a publisher on demand soon, but I'll love to see a Forgotten Kingdome 2, hope you are still on that one, cause me and me girl love it.