Monday, April 25, 2011

Try Buster's Hydra Castle Labyrinth! (I've made a map)

If you're like me, then you love indie games. I recently found a really really cool one called Hydra Castle by Buster, Matajuuro, and Zac. It's free to play and won't take you too long to enjoy.

I drew some fan art since I didn't want to make a post without any art in it.
Download it for free. Here. (that link seems to now be busted) look through the links here if you look at where the kanji points, I think you can find a likely zip!

Or check out the developers site here:

Here's a map I've made to help you.
Although Exploring is half the fun of the game. I've left out many things in order to keep it a mystery. (^__^)

**you will need the pickaxe and the first key, so it's best to go right for it!



Samolo said...

Playing it already! reaaally cool. Loved the chars, how do you find about this games?

Unknown said...

Ya Samo - I group of friends that I have - we share indie game links we find. There are places like TIGF (the independent game forum) etc. You can go there or just keep your eyes out for link. :-) I'll try to post more cool games. This one just struck me as particularly awesome oldschool fun.


Unknown said...

Link doesn't seem to work :\

Unknown said...

Oh! I apologize. It worked at the time but probably got shifted. I'll probe around for a better one when I have a chance. Take a look on that dev site it's totally worth it.

Thanks for mentioning that.