Thursday, April 14, 2011

C..c...caaan't do it.

I wanted to wait to post this, but I'm off to coachella for the weekend, and it's been burning a hole in my harddrive, so here's a finish version of the nightmare princess pic.

There will be a few tweaks, but this is mostly the finish.

(you should also notice that it's my new header - yup I snuck it in)

bee seeing you and wish me luck,


Trixi said...

That's simply epic! :D
Good luck

Phineas said...

Very nice indeed. I like the atmosphere in this one.

dante philippe said...

wow great work love the neon green and red makes the image pop =D

kleer001 said...

Ooh, love the palete!
Good luck, mang :)

Samolo said...

OMFG...Epic and gorgeous. Haven't been commenting lately, but I'm watching your every step... I mean, art!

Unknown said...

Thank all.

I'm back, survived and had a rad time. now back to the colored pixels. I went through withdrawal today - you don't wanna see an artists without his art. Scary stuff.


Unknown said...

NiCE! Have fun in Coachella dude. I'll be around the corner, in Vegas for the weekend - weather is looking great for both venues. Catch ya on the flip side.