Sunday, January 16, 2011

Locked and Loaded

I'm no longer taking any more postcards addresses - so if you're want 'em, you'll have to wait. As soon as I have a really nice big set, I'm going to put complete sets (hopefully of a dozen cards) online for sale. So you didn't miss out! But you'll have to pay the piper. The piper is me and the piper isn't such a bad guy I'll have you know. Proceeds, as always, will go towards all my wacky art projects.

In the meanwhile I'mma post a thumbnail for the megaMan tribute piece I'm working on. Submissions aren't to be shared before the book is out, so this will likely be the last you'll see of this piece until it's done. I've gotten into the painting a lil bit and I've got to say that this one is fun as hell to make on account of all the colors.

Thank you to everybody who wrote in, even the Australian and Scot who emailed in a LIL bit after the deadline. I've got you guys covered. Cards will go out next week but I need a little bit of time to fill them all out!

be seeing you,

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