Thursday, January 27, 2011

good progress tonight.

Drapes are temp and there are some cast shadows I don't like and other ones that I need to get in thurr.

I'm also toying with the idear of doing some massive color doctoring on the right side or maybe no doctoring.... Although a wise man once said, if it aint not broke don't not fix it.

so there.


Robert Rules said...

i got my street fighter christmas cards yesterday and i love them. i have 2 4x6 frames that i was going to use for something else but they have just been trumped. thank you

kleer001 said...

Holy what where'd the ghost babe go?!

&Rew said...

Thank you robert. Super glad you like them.

Note to all the international peeps, it will take longer, but it will arrive - promise.

Oh... she WILL be back my good sir kleer. It's on a photoshop layer which has at the moment been flipped off. so to speak