Friday, January 14, 2011

Drum Roll

Roll is one of the few MegaMan girls. I've never been a huge fan of her design. I did a few of them, a classic, one of the other versions that's sort of classic, and then a more robot looking one, kinda like the MegaMan sketches. I hope you dig.

Roll Casket

Classic Roll

Robo Roll

I should totally do a Sushi Roll. Get it? Ba-damp-chhhhhh....

hah, i kill me.

be seeing you,


nagash said...

I'll have to say – Robo-Roll Rocks

molli brown said...

love robo roll.

&Rew said...

Thanks guys!

Just to let you know, mega man in Japan is called "Rockman", so the joke is "Rockman" and "Rollgirl"

or.... "Rock and Roll" :)

Cute, right?


nagash said...

Yeah, and they fight Dr. Heavy :)