Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music to the blog

I've been wanting to add music to his blog for a while. Music is as important to me as almost any other thing. I never paint without it on. And you have to set the mood for your piece! Otherwise you may be sending your brain conflicting signals.

At any rate, here's to adding music. This track is to go with the sudden Mario theme that's poped up on the blog. It's Hip Tanaka's Super Mario Land. I wanted to use a track that you probably don't know, but it's still cool. 8bit - gameboy music at that.

Sorry for the mini ad that pops up on the player, but it's a free player. Not too anyoying. Oh - yah, and watch out - the track is a LITTLE LOUD.

Super Mario land : Muda Kingdom : Hip Tanaka


Trixi said...

A little loud?

Unknown said...

heh - i don't mean bravado - i just meant volume. Like, when I play that through that little widget, it hurts my ears in the speaker unless I turn it down.


Trixi said...

Well, my ears would like to sue you haha

Unknown said...

If that last one didn't work for you, try the new one. And then we'll see who's body parts would like to sue whom. :)