Saturday, July 17, 2010

Art Director for a Day 2.0 Contest: 3 things painting

Hey kiddies, it's time for Art Director for a Day 2.0

¿Do you like my art style, but wish I'd paint something really specific to your tastes?
¿Do you wish that I'd paint what was in your head instead of what's in mine?
¿Do you see my doodles and think, "You idjit, why didn't you do it like THIS?"

The offer this time:
Email me or leave a comment on the blog with a noun and an adjective. For example: Radioactive Patnies, Expensive Wristwatch, Overweight Samurai - whatever, some thing you like. I'm going to pick 3 people's ideas and integrate them into an illustration of sorts - then I'm going to make prints of that image and send them out to you for free. Just like I did last time, i'll make a few extra to sell on the net.

Send an email to: genie (at) fourthwish (dot) com

Tell me "a thing" you'd like me to paint by leaving a noun and adjective in the comments field or in my email this weekend. As usual, if it's something super fcuked up, i'm going to have to pin the responsibility on you.

I'll pick the one that I think is the most interesting for me to work on

I'll accept emails entries until July 19th
The painting will be done as soon as I CAN, but I'm hopinh mid August

I'll post my in progress shots of the painting, so you can see how the process works.


Anonymous said...

adjective: sexy
almost noun: terminator, t-800 style

Anonymous said...

giant. lizard.


Unknown said...

Heh - Anonymous(es) - You guys (or girls) hafta say who you are so if I pick your ideas to integrate you get cred! Haha.

I like the concept of a giant sexy terminator lizard though.



Unknown said...

-- make that:


(^ . ^)

Trixi said...

Giant sexy terminator lizard...that I gotta see :D

William Vega said...

noun:dejah thoris princess of mars

i'd like to see what u can come up with...better said ur version of the edgar rice burroughs far u got a giant lizard, a sexy babe and perhaps a cyborg from the future, all that for a cool twist...
p.s. these art director contests are cool man, i pitched the clockwork orange "droogettes" last time...

J said...


Unknown said...

haha - william - that's freaking fantastic dude. i love the princess of mars.