Thursday, May 06, 2010

tron's living room.

OK. I've got the living room painted. I'll need to do the characters on top next but I figure this is a good place to make some changes.

So what do you say?



kleer001 said...

hmm, maybe
~ gouges / scrapes on the floor
~ keys on the tables
~ nick-knacks on the mantle (award / portrait )
~ red led alarm clock in the nook on the left
~ iphone somehwhere
~ fireplace tools (shovel, poker, broom)
~ a pocketback manga / newspaper
~ sunglasses
~ ashtray w/ cig

also, keep up the work, you ROCK!

Unknown said...

Scrapes are on the way
I like the portrait concept - a little wii will be going up there.

NO SMOKING! :-) I'm allergic. hehe

Thanks for the notes, I'll see what I can incorporate after I feel the rest of the detail from the sketch in.


That Girl said...

looks cool, I'm so excited to see how this turns out!