Monday, March 22, 2010

I sat down...

About two hours ago and started writing back to those who emailed me with ideas. If you posted in the comments I got your ideas! I just wanted to confirm people over email.

I really appreciate you guys and girls wanting to share imagination space with me. It's a cool idea and I'm looking forward to working on something neat.

In the meanwhile, I did this drawing in a sketchbook for a guy at the emerald city comic-con:

I really liked it for some reason, even though it was a quick sketch. I snapped a photo so I could redo it a bit. I plan on using her in a story I've written that's about a million and a half years away from being published. I have to cut the story so it's about 30% shorter cause everybody falls asleep while reading it - then I have to draw the f_cker.

It involves LOTS of eating, cuteness, color, and... well.... poo.

You wouldn't believe how dirty I can get. You might think ya know.

but you don't know...


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