Sunday, February 07, 2010

and now for a remix of something totally similar.

"-" asked for a wallpaper version of an old drawing.

i looked at it and thought, I think I can make that different and maybe it will look a little bit cooler. Since I think I'm a little better than I was when I first made it. I tried to improve. Hopefully I didn't lose the "soul" to the piece.

no more blah blah. more draw draw. so here's the remake. If you click it, it should be wallpaper size. if not, yell at me till I fix it.


oh ya - here's the old one for reference, but it's not as large as the other.



Trixi said...

*tries to think of something to say*

Maybe it would be the first wallpaper my brother won't change when he gets back

Anonymous said...

Old one is better.
New ones legs dont read well. Is that a second one behind the huge thigh? They are extremely disproportionate. Too big.
Purple < Red.

Less redos, more new bw chicks. ^^

Farivar (Freever) Eftekhari said...

I like it...makes me think how would it look if it was simplified... or minimalized to its essence...drawing the focus to its hot, sexy... body.

Unknown said...

trixi - is "-" your brother?!? i hope he likes the wallpaper.

anon - you know, I hate going back and redoing things, but since tha fellow (or lady) wanted a wallP version, I really never loved the old one. So I went through with tweaks. I modded it slightly since posting it, mostly cause the old butt was broken, but I thinned her leg out a LITTLE just fer good measure.

More new ones soon. I promise.

Farivar - i hope you're doing well man!


Trixi said...

I don't think "-" is my brother but I can never be sure. I'll go sit in the corner silently waiting on new ones.

Unknown said...

k. i won't make you wait too long.