Friday, January 08, 2010

The full monty

Ok. Here are some of the finals. The show is tonight and I want to post all of the pieces, but I'll just do 1/3 of them. I'll be at the show if you can find me.

They're going for $300 a piece and they're 6x8" inkwash/acrylics.

i hope you dig them cause I really poured my blood and sweat into these.



Phillip Dickenson said...

These came out so great! I love the depth you get to your work. You do things with markers I thought impossible :P

Trixi said...

I absolutely love them.

They all look so cool that I wanna see more :P

Anonymous said...

Man At Arms rocks. Nice work.

Unknown said...

Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it.

The show was awesome last night. I'll put a link up to some pics or the gallery when they put a page up.

Trixi - I'll post up more when I get home. I saved some of the best for last. :-)


Nate said...

i wanted to buy Evil Lyn, but i'm a bit poor right now. i did buy both the He-Man and Skeletor shirts though. hopefully you see some of that money.

Ben Capozzi said...

Just put money down with G1988SF for the He-Man piece. Have to save up for more, but it's a beautiful suite, man! Really gorgeous.


Unknown said...

Hey Ben, thanks for the support mate! Very cool. I hope your dig the artwork in person.