Thursday, December 17, 2009


Stress related memory loss is real people.

I'm suffering from it now. It just so happens that all the art has been for work lately, which is cool, but unpostable. ( >__< ) I've been working ~13 hour days. It's painful but I keep hoping that if I do it and do it well, I'll get good at art.

It's working slowly, but I'm totally dropping the ball in many many courts. I guess that's why nerds suck at communicating because doing that takes time away from their nerdy projects.

Here's a nerdy project of mine: I'm doing a bunch of heman paintings, and if I'm lucky, a heman shirt. It's 50/50 right now so cross your fingers and I'll cross mine too.

I love heman. Mostly cause my parents didn't let me play with them as a child, so I'd sneak over to a friend's house to do it. I actually hated the kid but he had so many toys that it worked out. He was generally a bully. At any rate, if you read this Dusty or his brother Corey, sorry... (i haven't talked to them in a dozen + years so I should be safe)

i hope you dig the sketches. i'll try to find time to prodce stuff i can blog, but chances are that stress will make me forget my name and password.



ohmyalikins said...

VERY cool stuff! I haven't been on in quite some time, looks like I've missed a LOT of amazing things from you! Keep it up ~ the memory will return . . . eventually! :)

Hado said...

Great looking sketches! Can't wait to see future updates.

I used to watch HE-MAN all the time as a kid, but never really had too many of the action figures. I remember owning suction head Leech though. Only because my goofball brother would pin me to the ground and stick Leech on to my forehead. Often leaving a round red mark the size of a quarter on my noggin for hours. :(

Unknown said...

Thank Alikins and Hado.

That's a pretty good story. Maybe I should go for a leehman painting?

That would be really cool if I could get it to leave red marks on everybody's forehead. ;-)


Jamar Smith said...

Awsome! Awsome to the max!