Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A journal entry about creating some art for a show


Andrew Wilson here. (&Rew.)
Age: 1 millioin
Likes: Monsters, nudity, tempura, scotch, snow flakes
Dislikes: human flakes, mold, sunburns, mushrooms
Poster: Wild Things

Gallery1988 SF gave me an assignment: paint on a poster for a show. i got a poster a long time ago, but i've been super busy forever and a half. Last weekend I started working on stuff to see what would happen.

The movie poster is kinda slick and I only paint with markers, ink, watercolor/ ink washes etc. I use acrylic but barely. What does that mean to you? You don't give a f_ck, right? Well that means I can't do my typical thing cause it would slip off the slick paper.

I DO however, know how to use a knife, since I was trained as a knife fighter since birth. So I'm gonna draw/paint (or whatever) on something that I know how to deal with - and then mount it to the poster.

I tried vellum:

This was my vellum sample page. I just did some random doodles and was going to gesso them onto a magazine to see how they held up.

The paper curled up like one of those party favor whistles - you know "foooooooooo". Those ones. It curled up like the wicked witch of the east's toes when she got hit by a f_cking house. As we all know, that's a good thing for everybody but the witch - and currently, I play the witch.

Result: F minus

I'm sad because that would have looked awesome on the poster . And my idea is to do 7 monsters plus a certain "king" of the monsters and gesso them over the poster.

IDK if I wanna crop it down or not though, cause this thing is HUGE. And I may want to mount it to board or something. Cause that always looks nice.

So I think, f_ck it. I like drawing on chipotle menus. I have a stack as tall as an elk in my room. I'll make art on those and exacto them out with my knife skills. And try gessoing THAT on.

Pre-knife sh_t.

post-knife opperation.

So I doodle and then cut and and the paste. It works like a charm. The next thing to do is to see if I can paint white highlights over the gesso (which is a likely yes). Now I have an idea, and I have a plan.

I guess this story is to be continued.

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