Thursday, November 20, 2008

slip into some more comfortable art...

I got tagged by Charles Goatley.

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random facts about me:
music is my favorite thing.
i usually avoid capital letters.
i will eat almost anything save mushrooms.
bicycles concern me.
i purposely avoid creating art influenced by my favorite artists in order to respect their style.
i rarely, if ever, speed unless fast music is on or i am in dire straights.
i am better at keeping secrets than anybody who is reading this.

and i am tagging:

follow the rules people, i want the random facts.



MattGrigsby said...

Wow! You're the artist that did the sweet Crazy4Cult image! I really dig your stuff man. My name is Matt. I'm a working artist in Portland,OR. It's great to see your work. I wish I could have flown down to see that show. I've never been down to LA, but I'd love to check out Gallery 1988. Cheers!

Unknown said...

thanks matt. i'm glad you dug the poster, it took me half a million years to paint. (^__^)

sooner or later, everybody makes it to LA, and when you do, check out gallery1988, it's always great. seriously.


apneafix said...

Hey, thanks for your comments
I love these B/W series, they are really inspiring

Greetings from Madrid