Thursday, November 20, 2008

slip into some more comfortable art...

I got tagged by Charles Goatley.

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random facts about me:
music is my favorite thing.
i usually avoid capital letters.
i will eat almost anything save mushrooms.
bicycles concern me.
i purposely avoid creating art influenced by my favorite artists in order to respect their style.
i rarely, if ever, speed unless fast music is on or i am in dire straights.
i am better at keeping secrets than anybody who is reading this.

and i am tagging:

follow the rules people, i want the random facts.



MattGrigsby said...

Wow! You're the artist that did the sweet Crazy4Cult image! I really dig your stuff man. My name is Matt. I'm a working artist in Portland,OR. It's great to see your work. I wish I could have flown down to see that show. I've never been down to LA, but I'd love to check out Gallery 1988. Cheers!

&Rew said...

thanks matt. i'm glad you dug the poster, it took me half a million years to paint. (^__^)

sooner or later, everybody makes it to LA, and when you do, check out gallery1988, it's always great. seriously.


Angel Salorio said...

Hey, thanks for your comments
I love these B/W series, they are really inspiring

Greetings from Madrid