Wednesday, October 15, 2008

strawberry girl

another painting. i'm off on a miniature vacation tomorrow. we'll see if i have the time to post anything, but if i don't talk to you soon, make sure to have a great week!

here's a character inspired by strawberries and the color green.



Unknown said...

these are great!, but the creepy ice cream guy is still my favorite!

Trixi said...

love it


I'm Alessandro from SkyDoll, Monster Allergy etc (things you know, they told me ;)
your "imaginary kingdom" book looks wonderful. I like the contrast between your images, so super-modern, and the rough graphics *_* I love this kind of things!!!
I'll look for it :)

Unknown said...

Thanks joonas and trixi!

Thanks A. I stopped by your publishing house, what a cool spot.

i love your work, and I mean LOVE it.