Thursday, September 04, 2008

this is what i really look like. *wink wink*

ok ok, so it's really just me painting over my head to be funny.

this was a pic of me at gallery 1988 next to my piece.

Andrew Speers over at old man musings took the pic at the Crazy4Cult 2 show. he's a pretty cool cat who's into all things art/game/figure. i think people like andrew and i would have been called nerds 20 years ago, but now we're just... well... humans. (^__^) Greetz to all you fellow bloggers who are woulda been nerds. If you aint never used a 1200 baud modem and don't know what it was like before z-modem resumable downloading came out or switching pins to config a modem, then i'm still more nerdy than you. ;-)

the fact that i spell my name with an ampersand, even in public, makes me pretty friggin nerdy too.

be seeing you,

If you want to order one of those posters, please do! They're available here:

if enough of them sell, maybe it'll aford me enough time to make a sequel.

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