Saturday, September 06, 2008

the gothic archies are awesome.



Charles Goatley said...

Cool stuff... I'd love to know where all those wavy lines end up!

Nate Temple said...

You're female forms are so frequent that I ponder how a male would fare at your hands.

Laura Shirl Putrino said...

cool characters, i really like this one!
good job!

Unknown said...

I'll get to it nate. i promise man. i just have trouble getting motivated sometimes unless it's hot chik paintings or little monsters. ;-)

you know us nerd artists... (^__^)


Now Playing said...

Again, niiiice. Theres something about how this one that I really like. I think its the fact that her limbs are cropped so the viewer finishes the rest of the image. Whether she's in water or just missing limbs, its up to you! haha