Wednesday, July 09, 2008

unfinished business

today was a long day, but i beat the buzzer. i still have 40 minutes to spare, and this piece still needs some work, but i'll just secretly update it tomorrow morning and later in the day. it will work for now.

today was like a field trip. i got to visit a printing press. i'm getting some posters printed, and i cna't show them right now, cause it would ruin the opening day they'll be showing at, but rest assured that i'll put it online to see once i am allowed to. i spent almost an entire month working on one piece. i'm really hoping it was worth the time spent. i certainly learned allot, so it wasn't a loss for that reason alone.

be seeing you,



Jörn said...

Another great one. Happy to see your working process in the anim.gif a few posts before. (without I would have become mad about your style)

EL GRANDE said...

This piece is great. Very sexy stuff:)

joe y elio