Wednesday, July 16, 2008

not quite yet.

well, i don't have time for a haircut yet, but i'll get one soon.

even still, i've got it on my mind.

i could probably use a good shave too.

more art for you - related to hair.

and here's a pic of the lovely couple. click it to make it bigger.



PuMpKiN said...

funny design and great style!!

Mama Bee Simple said...

waw this is amazing! great job & thanks for sharing! Hope to hear from you :)


Unknown said...

Geez man you're fantastic at what you do. I love it all. I was glad to see you start posting again, as I have a subscription on my Google Reader and 'pop' there you were one day. Awesome stuff glad to see you back at it.

Unknown said...

thank you very much Pumpkin.

Monika - you're very welcome to all the art i make.

matt - i'm committed this month, it is my promise, and so i have to keep that! I'm glad that you enjoy it.


Beatriz Iglesias said...

The grren outline fits GREAt with the cool as often.

Unknown said...

THANKS B. i always appreciate your visits. you really are too kind.


Juan Caruso said...

I love your style... A question, how do you do that glowline?

Unknown said...

hey juan - the glow is easy. if your image is dark and high contast the just painting an outline with a very saturated color will look like a glow, then trace over it with a soft brush (after you've drawn the hard line) and it will look very glowy.

i hope that makes sense.