Monday, March 03, 2008

all play and no work.

working on a massive painting right now, but i may as well show the blog some love. and by massive, i mean about 4 ft big, which is way bigger than the post-it size i usually use.

not so easy to go from post-it size to four feet. we'll see how it goes. i'll be sure to post it when i'm completely done in about a zillion years.



David Colman said...

love hot

karim Qabrawi said...

Ummm First of all thank you that you visit my Blog....

Plus I am sorry that i wasn't active for a while but

I saw your new Work and i like it actually it's Awesome

so it is good to see your puplices,Keep in Touch

keep going with your fineArt!

C.Deboda said...


A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful lines!:o)

Nate Temple said...

Next time show some poon, dammit. :p nice proportions.

Beatriz Iglesias said...

The rythm and line are great! ^__^

robi pena said...

Uauu I Love it! It's very sexy and ful of movement!! I realy like it!!!

Laura Braga said...

Hi !!!:))
Wow, great picture.
This girl is so sexy and i really like how you made the B/W.
Great work!!