Monday, November 19, 2007

more menu art

these are a bunch of the pieces i had in that 1988 show. i had them framed in double glass frames with black or white borders which i thought looked pretty cool. :-)

do enjoy


Beatriz Iglesias said...

It´s everything OK?, I hope so!

Reallly cool draws! I love the white gives force. Groovy!

Nice to see u around here ;)

allen etter said...

Fun stuff. Like the new ones.

Anonymous said...

i think the framing was rock star status for sure!!! xoxox

c.g.young said...

I love these,..really neat and the line work makes it pop out at you!
Now if only Chipotle's reciepts look like that.

RoB said...

Ahh, dude! I am so sorry I couldnt meet up with yah when you were in SF. Things came up and I could not make it and now I am kicking myself in the ass for it!

Great work. I love the Chipotle one, I eat there all the time. Awesome use of lines! Your so creative dude!