Friday, September 28, 2007

it's never too late

i had to rush home and quickly create this after work so that i would still have time to go out on a friday.

speaking of which - be sure to enjoy yours.

this is "number ate".

be seeing you,


Joshua James said...

Hey Man,

Thanks for checking out my Fading Oasis Bloggle!

I really love your little creatures! Wish there was an animation with them! Actually my friend was doing an art test for a company on the east coast that is doing a highly stylized rpg and I kept referring him to your work for inspiration. Super good colors and design.


Kei Phillips said...

omg i love ur blog!!! so much great work to look at! wonderful!

i'll pop back soon, and will link u on my blog! :D

R.A. MacNeil said...

oh man, he's pretty bad-ass. Nice monsters over here.


Unknown said...

thanks Jjames - cool, i'd love to see pics of what your friend is working on... well, once his game gets announced or whatevs.

kei - sure i'll link, i'll update tomorrow, how about then?

r/a/ - thanks for the kind words. i love your avatar. he should marry one of my post-it pet girls. ^___^