Sunday, September 09, 2007

i often forget just how hard it is... be creative.

i just got back from a few weeks in a foreign place. i had a great time.

i have been home for two days sleeping odd hours and doing things like dreaming out loud and pining for the open crowded spaces of the land i left.

today i sat in front of my computer with some piano music playing and i picked up the pen for the first time in weeks. it was tough and very very draining. an artist doesn't have a hard life mind you - no more difficult than most and certainly less difficult than some, yet it felt really tough.

i should have remembered to do my art push-ups while i was away.




RoB said...

Damn dude, your work is so amazing, I had to comment twice. The pose and feeling of this piece rocks! You have mad creative skills with form and negative space. Just AWESOME dude!


Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

this work is tons of fun!
skull t-shirts rule!