Friday, August 03, 2007

For heaven's snake

early to bed and early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

i'm back to feeling reasonable. well, well and good enough to waste time arranging black and white pixels on a canvas.

do have a good friday.



allen etter said...

Thanks for dropping by the film blog. We're shooting again tomorrow and should have some rather wild stuff posted. Also, if you got to the main page, you can see some of the daily footage.

Wild stuff on your blog, man, wild stuff. Never have flat images looked so 3D. Do you work from photos initially, or sketches? Just curious.

Unknown said...

i'll check it out, right? ; )

i work from blobs of blackness inspired by music. as i'm listening to a disc, i'll just wave my wacom around until it looks good and then widdle it down to a design.

really glad you like it. they're really fun to do.


Patrick Ballesteros said...

Good stuff brutha! Good seeing you at the con and congrats with all the art books man. Inspiring stuff!

Well back to work for me, I'll be dropping by more.


spleenal said...

I would like to be able to explain in words how much I like your b&w babes but I can't.

They should have sent a poet

Kei Phillips said...

the black and white images! work really well! i love them. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, ur work is really cool.

Unknown said...

awesome black and white design!

Anonymous said...

your nudie chicks are hot.

adam H. said...

Really awesome stuff! I love to see an artist mix it up. Also appreciate your progression shots from other pieces. When do we get a new book? (Already have your Chipotle one.)

allen etter said...

Hey...we had a fantastic day shooting! Check out the images and let me know what you think. We have a few scary images and lot's of blood!

Unknown said...

thanks to everybody for the kind words and also stopping by.*

also adam - 2nd book is done and sitting in boxes. i'm too busy to shoot it and put up a link yet. soon - promise.


*OMFG - the little girl from the frame store - haha