Sunday, April 15, 2007

sand person

just finished this tusken raider, or in a more PC sense, sand person. hope you dig and i also hope that your weekend was very productive.




Piotr said...

beautiful coloring on this fellow! wander-full work!

spleenal said...

You rock man. ROCK!
You can't go wrong with starwars stuff, but for me it's the naked chicks that really do it for me.
More naked chicks if you got em.
There's got to be something wrong with me if I like looking at cartoons of sexy girls more than real sexy girls.

Unknown said...

thanks piotr! appreciate it.

spleen - hahaha. i'm flattered that you like some of my images more than some real girls, but the message i'm really getting here is that i should be painting nude starwars paintings?!? ;-)


Anonymous said...

hello! i have any question for you,please;what type of technique you use?( software)and how do you get this texture? (sorry for my english,i am spanish...)
you work is wonderful!
thank you!