Wednesday, April 18, 2007

8-bit piece

Here are the two pieces i put into the 8-bit show. There were a ton of great pieces there!

Thanks to everybody who stopped by and especially to you if you bought one of my pieces. I really appreciate it and I hope you like your art!



seamas said...

these are awesome--!

i love zelda!

Anonymous said...

I got to see these paintings in person during opeing night! Those 2 were some of my favorites! Keep up the great work :)

Unknown said...

i love zelda too. ¿with a princess that hot, how could you not want to play as link over an over again?

matthieu - thanks for the compliment! i'm really glad you liked those pieces. my fave was probably one of the two joust pieces by that guy rich from disney. <3

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get published in the book?