Sunday, March 04, 2007

¿what kind of a name is THAT?

I had really bad artist's block today, so i did this. I guess that means that you know what's coming... i mean, when's the last time you saw THIS shiny bastard without "are too"And what kind of names are those? SEE THREE PEE OH? ARE TOO DEE TWO? i don't dislike them, it's quite the contrary, but still.

agh, i'm losing momentum on this tirade as it starts to look more and more like it is - the ramblings of an artist with art block.

and tomorrow is monday. dear sweet goodness. enjoy the last two hours.



IamOSI said...

thats tight. diggin the work you've got up in here. lookin forward to more.

Piotr said...

hes almost naked without r2! but stil l a fantastic job nonetheless! :P

Shaun Pendergast said...

I love this one. Great joob.

mkornatka said...

C3PO sweet :)
Love it!