Monday, March 12, 2007

... like a video game, only wetter...

well, i did this for a very good friend of mine. and he wanted me to post it, so that he could download it and try to recreate the scene with some "friends" he's hanging out with while he's away from home. loooong story. not really, but that's a good way to avoid the difficult questions. shield your eyes if you're not old enough to see the kind of mazagene your pops keeps in his locker next to the bottle of gin.

¿what am i even talking about? ... that's why i don't write, i draw.

hope i haven't posted this before.



Anonymous said...

Pick your style.
Start filling.
Pay up. Chow down.

Was always distracted by the pretty pictures and never read the background text. I say "Ha ha hahahahaha and ha."


Phineas said...

Not only did I not take the photo, but here is a list of the rest of the things I did NOT do:

1. check my email
2. check your blog
3. take my computer with me
4. go to disney world
5. go to miami
6. make out with any girls
7. touch any boobs

Here are a list of things I DID manage to do:

1. write 5138008 on a calculator
2. sleep
3. eat a lot of food
4. catch an ear infection
5. drive really fast
6. read a book
7. get bitten by a radioactive ant

Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see this photo re-enacted with these two girls.

Unknown said...

dude - you spelled boobies wrong.