Thursday, February 08, 2007

good grace!

i like to think of the pixels as an army, or a little marching band of colorful cube critters. when you wave your baton just the right way - they all line up and make something that reminds people of something they've seen, like a monk fish. for example.

the pixels i have in this monitor are pretty good at following orders, so i got lucky this time and they looked like what i was thinking they could look like.

does this make any sense?

well folks, i don't get paid to think.



Anonymous said...

Well, of course I love this because I heart monkfish. I've actually eaten it before; it kind of tastes like a poor man's lobster I suppose. I love the colors. It gives off an eerie glow that makes it appear to be a creature of the deep. Or irradiated. And it even has horns for eyes! How properly sinister. It also seems to have a gooey, glowy center where all of its tasty goodness is stored. Nice job Drew; your next challenge will arrive shortly...


Shura said...

I think the same thing - but with photons instead of pixels, so it applies off-screen, too.
And if my picture doesn't look right… it's 'cause the little bastards are trying to escape, and i need to whip 'em back into position.

Nice monkfish, btw, it reminds me of those funky seamobiles in all the underwater sci-fi movies.