Saturday, February 10, 2007

can YOU hear ME now?

i'm not an anti-cell phone guy, and don't take this story for more than an observation, but today, while i was climbing into my car and leaving the frame store, i saw a fantastic sight:

an entire family disboarding their van - there were five of them - with cellphones in hand and on, all having entirely different conversations and looking very important and or busy.

mom, dad, charles, alexandria, and thodice - all on their little raz0rs or chocolates or i-phones, you know, whatever you want to call them. talking away their minutes just like in the commercials. can you hear me now? i watched them all wander into the chinese buffet - you know, the one right next to michaels and aaron brothers that always looks like it's closed for business but you get the feeling that you could walk in for a plate of rice and some dumplings anyways.

the Cell family fell out of the van and filed into the restaraunt without one word to each other, very automatically, even paced, and almost alarmingly boring. very "roboty".

i can't recall any of the particulars of my youthful conversation with mom, dad, and sis on the way to the truckstop, pizza hut, or wherever we filed when we filed, but i'm kinda glad we didn't have our heads glued to phones. er.... or phones glued to our heads. i rather like my family and i wouldn't mind replacing a few of my current day cell conversations for real ones with them.

¿what was my point?

oh! here's a drawing:

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