Sunday, January 21, 2007

¿monday tomorrow? ¿really?

if you say so....

i've got sinus "issues"...

these are the kind that don't leave you alone.

if i'm sick... you can bet yer sweet ass that it's those m_ther fK_cing sinuses.

it's like i have this colony of a_sholes in my sinuses, and they creat out and totally _uck me over whenever i'm in a good mood.



give me a break.



Anonymous said...

So this little guy and "influenzil" are my favorites. Of all your art styles, this is the one that I enjoy the most because I find it the most imaginative and inventive. These have really beautiful, intricate details, fantastic color, and loads of "vibrancy" (nothing matte, very eye-catching). Just my personal preference. I feel like these little guys walked out of some elaborate hidden universe wedged deep within the folds of your brain.


P.S. Can you paint monkfish?

Unknown said...


Monkfish... can I? YES. Will I? After work tomorrow. Is that soon enough? well, I must warn you that your definition of a monkfish MAY be different from mine, but we'll see when I pull him out of my head.

Monkfish... tell Ben his ListMantis IS on the horizon. And if i can keep away from warcraft for a whole day - i'll make em both.


Anonymous said...

Why are you guys doing ListMantis again? Ben won't get anything done until he beats Dave to the flying mounts.

I like the drawing of the red, glowing guy who's been hit with a nuclear bomb or some sort of radiation. It's surprisingly sad and poignant - a bit more strikingly "serious" than the others.