Tuesday, January 16, 2007

guess the name and win a prize

ok. well... i haven't made one of these in a WHILE. and i love them, i really do... so here's another one.

i've got to start out simple and build back up to more interesting characters... so blobs with tendrils are in fashion today...



dustin nguyen said...

i'm going to call this one " a snack". did i win? what do i win?

stuff is awesome man, i love the simple little things. i'll post a creature on my blog later that's sorta in the same vein, though not with the minimalistic genius that is seen here. hey, we even like the same artsits. froud mostly.
be well!

Anonymous said...

and the name is...
Tendril Blob,
Tendril Beast,
Black Raindrop,
or Ted.