Monday, December 18, 2006

a crappy drawing and some decent ones

i did these tonight while i listened to christmas music and then watched 12oz. and venture brothers after i realized that i want to give some christmas gift art to some coworkers before i leave for christmas vaca. at which point i won't be posting for two weeks, but it's not like i've been keeping up...

the girlie drawings are based on a pop-up ad i saw on friday that i thought was hot. the first one was so bad that i didn't finish it, but i'm posting it because it's no fun to only post successes, failures are fun too. The other two came out OK but they're not really work safe... proportions are wac, but then again - since when have i been about correct anatomy?!? riiiight.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha, don't stress about anatomy, Andrew ! Your girls are good, don't worry. I said that but I have the same feeling about my lack of skills, lol. Again, nice job.
Have a merry x-mas.

Anonymous said...


Very fine and original artwork.

I love very much !!!!!

My best wishes for the coming year 2007.