Tuesday, October 03, 2006


two pieces of art. first, random application of a bunch of layered textures onto some of those characters i made. i was just having fun waiting for a tv show to start.

the second is another character used for a different part of the cd.

C and C is welcome yall.

please do enjoy.


Marcos Mateu said...

These silhouette kids are something pretty unique! they are intriguing and nicely drawn!

weezie said...

I liked the first one so much that I set it as my background.

Unknown said...

thank you both for the compliments.

weezie, damn it's about time i put something up worth you take a liking to. i'll have to work harder on that! ;-)


Anonymous said...

That character is one of my favorites. Really cool and I love the crown. The group shot is super sweet too! The stick figures don't sit right in the illo though to me. It's because they have such a different edge quality/line style than everything else and they aren't even the focal point.

Anonymous said...

These are ridiculously cool, Andrew! Man -- all these kids. You are totally kicking ass!

// jon