Sunday, May 14, 2006

offbeat - andrew

today something was off.

nothing seemed to be going the right way. today was bad.

the kind of bad that you can't pay for.

i couldn't put my finger on what was wrong but it was like i had this laundry list of items to shop
for or events to attend and i kept on walking past or missing them.

for example::

- i brought my art bag with supplies to draw while i ate breakfast with a friend, but after parking and walking three blocks, i realized that i had left the supplies in my car.

- i was supposed to meet with some friends for an early dinner at five but forced them to reschedule for four and then four thirty and then i ended up being ten minutes late.

- instead of shopping next door to where i dined i drove all the way home and then right back to that same location three hours later.

- an item i was looking for was out of stock in every location that existed and could not be purchased at any cost. i instead went with an inferior product albeit at a lower price.

- i offended a fellow artist by calling to attention a strange attribute in his work which then cause him to pout in a half serious fashion for several hours.

- i forgot to brush my teeth and only remembered when burning my mouth on dinner which was much much too hot.

today i am cranky and sleepy and pretty much misserable and have been complaining constantly all weekend. i really hope that my weekend guest had a good time.

i refused to make a new post-it pet but then was called on it.

i am so cranky that i'm boring myself.

let's hope that tomorrow is more gooder, or that some good music can cheer me up.

I think i'm getting old or something as all my talkative posts are cranky and the potentially good ones i just leave blank.

i promise anyone who reads this that if i have one good thing happen to me, i'll share that one too, but for now you're going to have to deal with all the sh!tt!ness my blogging rants.

"mister mistletoe"



shellywan said...

go look at katie's posts that ought to cheer u up! i did, and her stuff and marlo's just blow me away! love them.

TomCarroll said...

You must be getting old ... so STOP IT RIGHT NOW ... I have a corner on that market... Heh heh ... and I'm not giving it up!!!

&Rew said...

comeon tom. you know i was born an old man right? i may have more hair, but my friend, you have much more spirit.



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